Loot Travel

The Art of movement.
Travel NFTs for the Lootverse.

(A random number between 1-9999)

9999 exclusive randomized text-only NFTs.


Like you, we love the story of the Lootverse. Adventure is the spirit of Lootverse, and what’s adventure without exploration! Exploration requires means of travel and this is exactly what Loot Travel brings to the Lootverse. Lootverse is a world where imagination flies wild and adventure rides high – and Loot Travel is no less! All the modes of travel a.k.a we have created are inspired by mythology, movies and folklore – opening endless possibilities for exploration and storytelling in the realms of the Lootverse. In line with the vision of the original Loot Project, Loot Travel is open to imagination, giving room for art and creativity to flow in – our main reason to make this NFT text-only is so you can visualize it the way you want and build on what we did. Artists can Imagine, visualize, create and manifest the Loot Travel whichever way they want!


Everything is possible in Loot Travel - From space to flight to terrestrial to water to underground movement. Each NFT consists of the following components:


A unique serial number for each NFT. Vehicles

  • Millennium Falcon
  • Sling Ring
  • Nimbus 2000 Broomstick
  • Pegasus
  • Flying Carpet
  • Swan Boat
  • 2-headed Sea Snake
  • Sail Fish
  • Four-horse chariot
  • Cheetah
  • Elephant
  • Giant Ant


  • Mint price is 30 MATIC per NFT
  • Minting is limited to 50 Loot Travel NFTs per wallet.
  • By launching on Polygon (L2), gas will be mere pennies worth of MATIC.
  • There will only ever be 9999 original NFTs which will be sold on our website. Further sale will happen on opensea, etc
  • Once minted, the NFT token goes live on opensea. Further sales will happen on platforms like opensea.


1. How can I buy the Loot Travel NFT?

Once you connect to the Polygon Mainnet, purchase can be made with $MATIC.

2. I only have ETH in my wallet. How can I make the transaction?

We need to turn ETH to MATIC using Polygon bridge: https://wallet.polygon.technology/bridge/

3. Why did we build this on the Polygon chain?

Well, to avoid the insane Gas fees! Gas fee to buy the Loot Travel token is absolutely minimal (usually $0.01).

4. What is the future of the Loot Travel NFT?

Well, it’s super exciting for one. We see the Lootverse become a very exciting space for all of us and Loot travel would become an exciting part of this world once artists join the bandwagon to imagine, visualize and build the Loot vehicles! We look forward to the graphic versions that would be built on top of what we did!

Loot Travel